Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chickens love worms!

Tyce loves to feed the chickens worms.... and he thinks they reward him with eggs for the worms he gives them!.... I gotta admit.... The chickens have brought a lot of happiness around here! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pics for Mother's Day

This had to be my most proudest Mother's day ever! My kids were sick throwing up for a week straight.... But I have been a single mom for a year and I think I have done an Amazing job!

My Humble Abode!

I have been in my own place since February! I appreciate my parents letting us stay with them until we could get things figured out... We love our new place.... It is so ugly and needs paint on the outside, but the inside is so COZY! I love coming home!

A few of my favorite things!

Just a few of the handmade items in my house that I treasure!

My cute handpainted wood doll family

My Fine China.... One of my favorite handmade gifts to make for all of my extended family at Christmas. Tanner made the cute family portrait one!

My Miniskirt satchel.... I'll never wear one in real life... but I love this bag!

A cute rag quilt I made for Tyce

A fun denim headband!

My apron

My current fridge Art!

Thinking about getting a Goat!

Visit to Samaria at Ramona Higley's Farm!
the kids wanted a goat so bad! Mom didn't.

A friend said they wanted ducks on their farm cause they had never seen a SAD duck! But this was the most sad and pathetic duck I have ever seen in my life!


Our Bishop gave us these three chickens... We have had so much fun.... The first day was a little crazy chasing them all over the neighborhood.... We were all pretty scared of chickens and didn't know how to catch them.... But Tate has quickly become an awesome chicken catcher!.... the little boys love going up to see if they have laid us any Eggs!.... I was so hesitant about getting chickens.... I am so glad they are full grown and already laying eggs!.... And I gotta admit I have grown quite fond of the chickens!

Trevor turns TWO!