Friday, February 29, 2008

Any Resembalance?

We had so much fun looking around on last night. Tanner saw this monkey and thought he could do his hair like him. What do you think do they look alike?...


Val 30 years ago

Ryan 20 years ago
We started clowning around at an early age!

Ryan's Family Pic in 1988?

(Ryan's on top row with white hair)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby Blues

Tyce J. Johnston

He's been sucking that bottom lip in lately and it makes him look like a turtle!


Talmage and Lincoln have been spending their mornings at my house this week since Ana has been in Germany! It works out great that our kids are the same ages and they get along so well. This is what they decided to play with today.

I made them do a photoshoot. Hope Ana doesn't mind. They are all so DARLING!


Now you can view our petting zoo online for FREE!

These are the typical goldfish you can buy from Walmart for $.12. We have had many of these we'll just count them as 1 conclusive pet. We had one that lived for about 2 1/2 years. I tried several times to get him a buddy, but apparently goldfish are territorial and kill other goldfish. So after about 5 new friends I decided he didn't want friends. He lived alone happily for quite some time. This was a great pet for as much as we traveled. He could live for weeks without needing any attention. We did have one goldfish that lived with the two frogs by the sink. Gave them away to a friend.

Pink Beta Tanner's beta he lived for about 6 months he died in November. Blue Beta was mine. He died when I filled his bowl too full before we left on a trip. And apparently he flopped out of the bowl and into my sink. I was wondering what this strange jerky like thing was in my sink. Smelled it and then tossed it in the garbage can. Only to realize the next morning that it was my fish cause he wasn't in his bowl. This death made me sad and feel guilty.

Baby Corn Snake. This pet lasted only about 2 months at our house. These little guys are amazing at getting out of cages (especially if they are hungry). He was not very big only about the size of a pencil so not very scary. But still didn't like him much. He had to be fed pinky mice and I wasn't good at feeding him when Ryan was away. I think he starved to death. Tanner and Tate were devestated over his death and we had to have a funeral for the little guy! Tanner gave quite the eulougy. NO guilt felt over the loss of this guy.

Tanner won 2 Dwarf Frogs at the peach days in Brigham. I had them for about a year. Always hoping they would die but never did. Finally, gave them away to a friend. They are stinky dirty little guys. Way to much maintance for me.

Fire Belly Toad. This guy lasted about 5 months at our house. We were leaving for a trip and I decided to set him free in the front yard. These guys look AWESOME! But HIGH maintenance. Dirty and they must be fed baby crickets two or three times a week. Got tired of crickets getting loose in my house.

The BEARDED DRAGONS. Look Fierce but quite nice. Very STINKY and they eat way to many crickets. Large Crickets a dozen a day! Had to order Crickets by the hundreds. And Crickets are NASTY! I made Ryan sell these. He actually made good money on these guys. Ryan got these given to him when he went to pick up his lizard terriam that was on consignment from the pet store in Malad. Ryan thought they were cool. He then bought a baby one. But Sold all 3 to the same guy! Tanner and Tate loved them. All the neighbor kids thought Tanner was cool cause he had a DRAGON!


This is TEDDY. Cute dog, just psycho. We gave him to Ryan's
mom. Who loves him and takes wonderful care of him in AZ.
Daisy is the lighter colored one in second photo.
She is our sweetie. And the last of the pets at our home!!!
Not a good guard dog, just a lover of everyone!
Ryan's Horses! Still have these 3 but my dad in Idaho takes care of them.
So, not really counting them in the 11 for the petting zoo!

Hope you enjoyed the zoo this is just the 11 to 15 pets we had in the house at one time!

We have also had SUGAR GLIDERS, BOA CONSTRICTERS, BABY RED EARED SLIDERS, & SEVERAL DOGS! If any of you need advice regarding pets. Give me a call!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Our little Hampster who has lived in the house nearly as long as we have was squeezed to death by a little munchkin last week. Our petting zoo of 11 pets has slowly dwindled down to our one little wiener dog. NO more FISHES, NO more FROGS, NO more LIZARDS! There was a time when Tanner seriously wanted to sell tickets to his petting zoo.

This is our little tribute to our friend Tickles. He was a great pet. Seriously the cutest hampster ever. He came in second at a petsmart hampster derby. Good thing there were only two hampsters that showed up for the race! But he won some awesome prizes. We named him Tickles because when he ran across the kids backs it tickled. A great low maintenance pet he only had to be fed about once every 3 weeks. I admired his dedication to exercise, he spent hours every night running around on his little wheel. I wonder if the boys will have a hard time sleeping without the squeaky wheel!


Scooby Doo and Shaggy

I love little kid art. I found this laying on the table and I asked Tanner if it was him and his dog. And he said no silly It's Scooby Doo and Shaggy... He loves Scooby Doo!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Yeah! finally the snow is melting, and it is beginning to feel like spring! The only thing I love about SNOW is SNOWMEN!!!! A few of the snowmen we have made over the years! Hope Spring comes quickly!
IN THE SUN HE MELTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just decided I needed to take the time and get some pictures of Tyce before he's grown up!

I thought they turned out pretty good! He's such a happy baby! We love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentine's Day 2008

I love Valentine's Day!

I especially loved it in Elementary School. Tanner is in Kindergarten I got to relive all my favorite days of Elementary school watching the excitement and anticipation he had for today!