Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun Pics of Trevor

Trevor is such a sweetheart.... He loves to be held and he loves to smile... Snapped a couple of shots when we did Heather's photoshoot of Cruz... can't believe he's almost 5 months.

Tyce is in the Terrific TWO's!

Happy Birthday....

Now if these aren't the most boyish cupcakes you ever saw!

But they were pretty yummy as Tyce plainly indicates!

Tyce loved all his gifts, they are so easy to please at this age!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tate's Birthday too!

The first day of pre-school and his birthday (lucky little duckie!)
blowing out the candles!5 years old!His favorite gift, he loves his farm animals to play with his best buddy Kole!

Tyce loved the CUPCAKES!

Tate's 1st day of PRE-SCHOOL

Tate had his very first day of pre-school....
He and I were both excited for this day!
He has the cutest teachers and the classroom looks like so much fun!

The Haircut

I need to start this set of blog updates with Tate's Haircut! He thought he would give himself a little trim. After the incident I asked him if he learned anything, he said, "Next time I'll just take a little off the sides!" ... Not exactly what I was expecting...

Apparently this time of year is common for kids cutting hair due to the new school supplies. There were 3 other kids in preschool with similar haircuts!