Monday, November 30, 2009

Tanner got Baptized!

What a SPECIAL day for Tanner

Ryan thank you for baptizing him! Glad my whole family was there to support him!

Ryan's mom (NONNIE) came all the way from Arizona
for his special day! Thank you Nonnie
I know it was a sacrafice on your part!
But I'm glad that Ryan and I both got our favorite
dishes and our mom's for Thanksgiving!

Dad ... Thank you for confirming Tanner!
It was such a beautiful blessing!
I'm glad it happened to be your birthday, too!
It made it that more special of a day!!!!

Tanner's sweet little friend Dezi got baptized today too!
It was fun to have her there and to go to her baptism.
Tanner just glowed that day and he is still glowing!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Tanner's pumpkin's for the school contest! Vic & Shelly Groovy BABY!

Halloween Carnival at the School

Happy Halloween 2009

Baby Cruz's 1st Halloween

Homade Rootbeer! YUMMY!

This Plus This Equals THIS???

Two Clowns together create this one cute little clown!